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George has personally coached over 100+ clients and is known for his ability to “see” into the root causes that are creating effects and blocking you from Breaking Through. For the greatest opportunity to develop in the shortest period of time, you can apply today to become a personal coaching client of George’s.

George coaches 10-12 hours a week and personally does all of his coaching 1 on 1 over the telephone or webinar. There is routinely a 1-2 week waiting list to begin your 1st session. George’s present coaching package is 5 hours of 1 on 1 coaching,




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Reviews & Testimonials




“I want to just take this time to say Thank You For SAVING ME. There has been so many times where I have been overwhelmed with emotions of hurt, pain, and loneliness. George’s consistent inspiration always being there has helped me realize that everything is okay and that I can reach for my dreams. In the year since I lost my mom, dad, and sister I have been so close to giving up to be with them, but George’s message telling me to live for me, live for my dreams, reach for the stars. He keeps saying YOU CAN DO IT. I have realized I can do it. The pain, hurt, and loneliness will never go away, but George has helped me realize I have a plan, purpose, and a life to live. George is a savior.”

-JT Newberry

10628527_10100994739226662_1881110915595740401_n-2“George thank you for sharing your strength, hope, and experiences.  I see in you what I couldn’t see in myself at times. Your motivation and determination inspires me everyday. I look forward to reading your daily inspirations and motivations everyday. I lost myself in addiction and for years I struggled thinking negatively. At times I could not even imagine living life. Through sobriety and new coping skills I now have an attitude of gratitude! There are lots of kind, caring, and honest people out there, but you are living proof. I love how vocal, open and honest you are with your struggles and beliefs! You are a very spiritual person, and in the last 4 months I have been doing some serious soul searching. I’m proud to be able to call you a friend! You make me want to be a better person. You have given me hope when I was hopeless.  Thank you for all the great advice, inspiration and lessons you have taught me. You are wise beyond your years. I look forward to being able to read your daily motivations and inspiring others as well as myself. Thank you and Godless”


-Lauren Nicole
479154_4559355982521_1567219590_o“I want to say thank you for your motivational messages. I can’t say how much they helped me get through the day or to my next goal. You’re truly an inspiration. I lost my mom a few months ago to cancer and it’s so nice to just hear your speeches..Keep them up and I look forward to watching you go high places.”

-Michelle Velez  – Owner/President of Tampa Bay Accounting and Associates

“Watching your videos really inspire me to push myself and not give up.  I will always look up to you.  Thanks for being the person you are!”

-Jordan McDonald

Sosa – World Champion Spear Fisherman