George’s Bio


Have you wondered if there’s MORE to life?

That there’s something BIG out there waiting for you or you have something burning inside of you to inspire and make an impact?

That was ME several years ago after I hit rock bottom.  My story is not one of hitting green lights and being blessed with natural talents.  Mine is a story of screwing up and failing forward to success.

As a young boy I always struggled in school and my parents had to constantly have teacher-parent conferences because of my behavior and lack of ability to focus.  I was put on medication to help “fix” me.

In middle school I was bullied and beat up regularly.  Soon thereafter I got into drugs, drug dealing, and a toxic downward spiral lifestyle.  I made a small fortune, bought my first piece of property at 20 years old, and then lost everything between the crash of the economy and an obsessive gambling addiction.

The following years were very challenging for me as I struggled to turn my life around.  I started my entrepreneurial career with little money and massive amounts of debt.  I worked full-time at a corporate job and worked my business ventures on the side. And then one day I found myself as a single father struggling entrepreneur at 25 years old sleeping on a mattress on the floor of an apartment with $12 in my bank account.  I had hit an ultimate low point and wanted to give up; however, I found some strength from within to get back up.  I found some mentors.  I started investing money that I did not have into myself.  I hired a coach for $2,500 that I put onto a credit card and invested thousands of dollars in books, traveling to seminars, and whatever it took to learn from people with the life I wanted.  I started to work harder than I ever had and 60 days later my businesses generated over $12,000 in one month…that was just a little bit less than I had made THE ENTIRE YEAR before working at a job.


I had been fortunate enough to achieve some successes at an early age, but I always found myself on this emotional roller coaster. Nothing was ever good enough. One day I learned about the concept of just letting go. Kind of like in the movie Fight Club where Tyler Durden tells Edward Norton to let go of the steering wheel, stop trying to control everything.

I now no longer prescribe to the theory of having a good or bad month in business. Every month is good as long as I’m learning. As long as I became a stronger version of myself then it was an incredible month regardless of what societies standards of success are. My businesses now are flourishing more than they ever have, but the truth of the matter is that I am no happier than when they were struggling because I am not “emotionally attached” to any outcome.

My strong advice is to just let go…work hard with great intentions, but truly let go of any emotional attachment to the outcome. Just do what you are doing because it is YOU.


I am so Blessed and Grateful for my Life. I’m 29 years Young and I’m Free! It took me a few years of working my businesses Hard, but I have something that most people don’t have…..Complete Time Freedom.

I’m not a Millionaire YET and I still work hard, but I love what I do more than anything and I wouldn’t trade the ups and downs of owning my own Business and being an Entrepreneur for anything. I’ve replaced my JOB income where I had to trade my time for dollars for multiple income streams and a residual paycheck that grows bigger each month and I rarely have to look at price tags…..

I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to speak on stages and touch others lives on a very personal level.

Months fly by and I feel as if I even really work that much, but my work consists of living my passion.  In reality I work extremely hard and long hours, but isn’t it cool to make your Passion your Business? My true passion is helping other people.  Helping others to feel inspired.  Helping others to believe again that “it’s possible”.   One of my favorite motto’s is “turn your mess into a message”.  I made a lot of mistakes early in my life and screwed up pretty bad, and from it all I learned a lot.  The pain that I went through allows me to look into others eyes and empathize with what they are going through.  I guess you could say I went from a drug dealer to a “healer”.

I’m excited to be a dad and to be able to spend tons of quality time with my little girl raising her.  I often feel I learn more from her than I could ever teach her.

It’s Great to meet you my New Friend. Let me know how I can add value to your life!